Enroll/Change NDPERS Plans


Enrolling in NDPERS Plans

A newly eligible employee may enroll in the NDPERS plans by utilizing Member Self Service (MSS) or by completing the various plan enrollment forms found in the New Hire Kit and Forms.

Updating NDPERS Plan Elections

Existing employees may enroll in the NDPERS insurance plans or FlexComp plan during Annual Enrollment or within 31 days of a qualifying event

Transferring to another NDPERS participating employer?

If you are transferring your employment to another NDPERS covered employer, a Notice of Transfer Kit and Forms must be completed.

Additional forms

Depending on your specific circumstances, you might need these forms:

Leaving NDPERS Membership

Upon notification from your employer, NDPERS will send you information regarding the NDPERS benefits in which you were enrolled.  It is your responsibility to notify NDPERS of your elections related to retirement and/or the insurance plans.

The following kits are available to make these elections: