• ASIFlex is the carrier for this plan. Visit their online portal here: ASIFlex.
  • There are three voluntary ways an individual can elect to participate in the FlexComp Plan:
    • Pre-tax eligible insurance premiums (premium conversion)
    • Medical Flexible Spending Account 
    • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account 
  • Eligible employees are those employed by the State of North Dakota, participating District Health Units or members of the Legislative Assembly who are at least 18 years of age, work at least 20 hours per week for 20 or more weeks per year, and whose positions are regularly funded and not of limited duration (i.e., permanent).  
  • Initial enrollment period is within 31 days of employment into an eligible position or within 31 days of an IRS Qualified Change in Status.
  • NDPERS conducts an Annual Enrollment in the fall each year with participation effective January 1 of the following year. To continue participation, an employee must make an active election each year to participate in the FlexComp Plan.
  • The FlexComp Plan year is January 1 through December 31, with a grace period until March 15 of the following year.

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Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Annual Limits

Type of Account 2023
Medical FSA $2,850
Dependent Care FSA - Single individual or married couple filing a tax return jointly $5,000
Dependent Care FSA - Married individual filing a single tax return $5,000

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