A comprehensive wellness program requires that wellness be a part of the organization’s culture. A wellness committee should be formed and be representative of a mix of management and employees. This committee should develop a mission and goals for the organization related to wellness that is incorporated into the organization’s overall formal goals and objectives. Through these goals and objectives, specific initiatives to accomplish these goals should be determined.

These initiatives should include:

  • Wellness related activities conducted at least monthly throughout the wellness plan year.
  • Awareness meetings, displays in common staff area or some other form of “kick-off” notification to inform employees and get their involvement
  • Educational material distributions in various formats (i.e. posters, emails, flyers, newsletter articles, etc) throughout the promotion
  • Follow-up at the end of the promotion (i.e. survey, meeting, etc).

In addition, dependent upon the type of initiative being promoted, staff should be asked to track their progress over a pre-determined period of time (i.e. 4 week walking challenges, 4 week fruit & vegetable challenge) if applicable.