Public Safety Retirement Plan


Steps to Enrollment

  1. Refer to the new employer group Public Safety Retirement Plan Enrollment Information regarding employee eligibility and employer/employee contribution requirements.
  2. Complete and submit an Eligibility Assessment Questionnaire (SFN 58781) for NDPERS to determine if your agency is an eligible political subdivision.
  3. Submit signed board resolution with required NDPERS language.
  4. Contracts must be completed and submitted to NDPERS.
  5. Schedule employee education and outreach efforts regarding retirement plan enrollment.
  6. Employee Applications/Waivers must be completed and returned to NDPERS prior to employer effective date.
  7. After one full month of retirement contributions to NDPERS, employee(s) may request to purchase previous public service under newly enrolled employer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the NDPERS Group Defined Benefit Public Safety Retirement Plan please contact our office at 1-800-803-7377 or 1-701-328-3900.


Additional Information

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