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With a new year comes the opportunity to earn up to $250 in rewards for retirees, employees and their spouses (up to $500 per household) with Sanford Health Plan and NDPERS insurance coverage.

To get started take the annual Health Risk Assessment and earn $25 towards your benefit. This is required each year to redeem your benefit or receive fitness center reimbursements.

Earn your incentive a variety of ways that helps you to meet your health and wellness goals.

Modernized Online wellness portal

In 2022 we have an updated online wellness portal that features more customization for your health interests and goals. Use the wellness portal to earn points to redeem as a part of the wellness benefit. Point earning activities include:

  • Preventive care doctor and dental visits, and NEW preventive health screenings
  • Turn small goals into long term behavior changes with a Daily Habits program for healthy lifestyle choices or help in managing a chronic health condition
  • Track your diet, exercise, mood or stress and participate in a quarterly wellness challenge
  • Participate in workplace wellness activities brought to you by your wellness coordinator and Sanford Health Plan (current employees only)

Visit the gym

  • Head to your local gym for a workout 12 times a month and receive a $20 per month direct deposit

Learn more about the Dakota Wellness Program and review all the ways you can engage in your health and get rewarded by visiting sanfordhealthplan.com/ndpers/dakotawellnessprogram.

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