Your NDPERS Annual Statement shows your current retirement account balance, retirement service credit, estimated monthly retirement benefit, projected retiree health insurance credit (RHIC), your designated beneficiaries, and a summary of your enrollment in other NDPERS plans. This statement is informational only and does not require you to take any immediate action.

To access your annual statement, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to your Member Self Service (MSS) 
  2. Click Annual Statement on the left menu

Use this information when reading the annual statement:

  • Retirement Account Balance: The current contribution balance in your account. It is the sum of the amounts contributed by the employer and you.
  • Member’s Service: This accounts for each month of service credit you have accumulated. You receive one month of service credit for each month that contributions are received by NDPERS on your behalf. Each additional month increases your monthly retirement benefits. 
  • Member’s Retirement Benefits: This section lists your estimated monthly retirement at different age options.
  • Summary of Other Plan Enrollments: This section summarizes your current enrollments in NDPERS sponsored plans.