NDPERS Board Election


A vacancy on the NDPERS Board is open for one active member. The term is for five years beginning on July 1, 2022, and ending on June 30, 2027.

The NDPERS Board encourages your interest in this opening as the newly elected member can attend the monthly meeting remotely. Additionally, ND Century Code 54-52-03.5 states "The time spent in performing duties as a board member may not be charged against any employee’s accumulated annual or any other type of leave." This means time spent on Board duties counts as work performed toward the member's full-time job. 

Review this information before you file a Nomination Petition Form with the necessary signatures to the NDPERS office by 4 pm CT on Friday, May 20.

Eligibility Requirements

Any active member participating in any of the NDPERS retirement plans is eligible to serve as an elected member of the NDPERS Board. However, the ND Century Code restricts elected members to one per agency. 

Currently, the Office of the State Tax Commissioner and the Office of Management & Budget have members that serve on the Board. Therefore, if you are employed by either of these agencies, you are not eligible to be a candidate in the upcoming election

The NDPERS retirement plans include:

Filing a Nomination Petition 


An eligible individual must obtain the signatures of at least 100 active eligible NDPERS members on the Nomination Petition Form to be nominated as a candidate for the vacancy. Candidates must certify and sign the header of the Nomination Petition Form.

  • All filed petitions must have original signatures from active participating members in the NDPERS retirement plans.
  • Scanned copies, printed copies and electronic signatures are not valid.
  • Nomination Petitions must be filed on paper to the NDPERS office.

Download and print the Nomination Petition Form to collect your signatures. Candidates may reproduce, at their own expense, blank forms that meet the format requirements without requesting additional copies from NDPERS. You are encouraged to collect more than 100 signatures to avoid an insufficient number of valid signatures.

Candidate's biography and headshot

You may email a short biography (not to exceed 200 words) and a personal headshot (.jpeg) for voters to learn more about the candidate. The absence of a photo or short biography will not invalidate your eligibility. You will be notified by email of the validation of your candidacy.

You may withdraw your nomination by providing written notice to NDPERS no later than 5 pm on May 27, 2022.

Announcing Online Elections

This year, the NDPERS elections will transition from printed ballots to electronic voting through Member Self Service (MSS). More details will be provided in the future. The electronic elections will open on Monday, May 30, and end on Friday, June 10, 2022.