Employer Opportunities


Authorized Agent Training

New authorized agents Notice of Appointment of Authorized Agent or Contact (SFN 17029) or existing agents interested in a refresher on ESS or the benefits plan offered by NDPERS can sign up in a few easy steps.

Request On-Site Training

As an employer, you can also request an on-site training program, please fill out Meeting Request and Registration Form (SFN 53176). There are various programs employers can host including:

  • Pre-Retirement Education Program (PREP),
  • Financial Essentials Workshop (FEW),
  • Portability Enhancement Program (PEP),
  • On-Site Benefit Counseling (OSBC),
  • New Employer Group meetings

For a complete list of presentation opportunities, access the Meeting Request and Registration form Meeting Request & Registration Form (SFN 53176). Please allow 60 days to process your request.

FEW | Financial Essentials Workshop

This workshop is for employees in the early to mid-stage of their career. You will learn the importance of integrating financial planning and goal setting into your everyday lifestyle. Be part of the FEW to take initiative and create a plan for your retirement, learn how to budget effectively, save for your child’s college, and prepare for the unexpected.

PREP | Pre-Retirement Education Program

This program is designed for individuals who plan to retire in the next five to ten years. PREP covers specific topics for future retirees including presentations on Social Security benefits, Medicare, and NDPERS insurance and retirement plans.

OSBC | On-Site Benefit Counseling

On-Site Benefit Counseling (OSBC) is another program for members to receive individual pre-retirement counseling and ask specific questions about other benefits. Employers may request a NDPERS Representative to provide this custom service.

Benefit Programs Meeting

These sessions are designed to assist NDPERS members in gaining a better understanding of the benefits programs available to them.  Employers may request a NDPERS Representative to provide this custom service.