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What changes can you make during annual enrollment?

Individuals that wish to increase their supplemental employee, dependent, or spouse supplemental coverage can do so during Annual Enrollment.

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In most instances, when applying for any change in life insurance coverage, you will need to complete a Voya Life Insurance Evidence of Insurability (EOI) application. EOIs can not be completed through Member Self Service (MSS).

You must download, complete, sign, and send your completed EOI to your HR or Payroll Department before annual enrollment ends on Friday, November 5. Do not send EOIs directly to Voya.

Here are some tips on when to complete an EOI:

  1. Supplemental Employee Coverage
    • Currently enrolled in Supplemental Employee Coverage  
      • No EOI. Employees may increase their coverage by $25,000, up to a maximum guarantee issue of $200,000 without EOI.
      • Yes EOI. Employees applying to increase their supplemental employee coverage by $25,000 (up to maximum guarantee issue of $200,000) coverage and also apply for an additional amount above should submit two applications or MSS requests. The first one for the $25,000 and the second one for the additional amount, which requires an EOI.
    • Enrolling in Supplemental Employee Coverage for the first time: Yes EOI.
      • Employees, enrolling in Supplemental Employee Coverage for the first time, must submit an application or MSS request and submit an EOI. 
  2. Supplemental Dependent Coverage: No EOI. Employees may enroll or increase their dependent supplemental coverage during annual enrollment (which includes spouse and/or eligible children) without an EOI.
    • To enroll in supplemental dependent coverage, employees must be participating in supplemental employee coverage (at least $10,000 total coverage).
  3. Supplemental Spouse Coverage: Yes EOI. The maximum coverage level is $200,000 but must not exceed 50% of the employee supplemental coverage. All requests to add or increase spouse supplemental coverage during Annual Enrollment will require EOI.
    • To enroll in supplemental spouse coverage, employees must be participating in supplemental employee and dependent coverage.

When are changes made during Annual Enrollment effective?

Life Insurance effective dates will depend on whether Evidence of Insurability is required and subsequent approval by the carrier. Any applications that do not require an EOI will be effective on January 1, 2022.

Voya Financial

The carrier for the NDPERS life insurance is Voya Financial.