Dental Insurance for 2022


What changes can you make during annual enrollment?

Individuals that wish to apply, change (increase or decrease), or cancel their current level of coverage can do so during Annual Enrollment.  

Individuals that participate in the NDPERS dental plan will be required to have coverage for the full calendar year. Coverage may only be cancelled during the calendar year if the individual terminates employment. Individuals will be able to increase or decrease their level of coverage (not cancel) subject to qualifying events and application within 31 days of the event.

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Who is eligible?

Permanent employees of a state agency, university system or district health unit are eligible to participate.

When are changes made during Annual Enrollment effective?

The effective date for changes made during Annual Enrollment is January 1, 2022.

Pre-taxing premiums

Premium for the Delta Dental plan are eligible for pre-tax payroll deduction. If you prefer to set up your premium as pre-tax, you need to select this option annually through Member Self Service (MSS) online. Click on the Annual Enrollment Menu Option, then select Dental Plan Enrollment (if employed by the ND University System, this is not required).

Delta Dental

The carrier for the NDPERS dental insurance is Delta Dental. This is the only provider option in NDPERS Member Self Service (MSS).

Employers may provide a different dental plan such as Total Dental Administrators (TDA). Ask your employer how to enroll in other non-NDPERS plans.